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What is a Fund Development Strategy and Why We Need One

What is a Fund Development Strategy and Why We Need One

by Ron Cariño

Soulciety just met with our new consultant, Seth Kaplan, in Ashland, Oregon to develop our fund development strategy!

Fund development is the process by which organizations use fundraising to build capacity and sustainability. It is concerned not only with raising money, but doing so in a way that develops reliable sources of income that will sustain the organization through the realization of its long-term mission and vision. Fund development usually involves building relationships with people and other organizations that will support the charity. It requires a strategic plan that relates funding to the purpose and programs of the organization.

So why does Soulciety need that now? As we near our 10 year anniversary later this year, Soulciety is in need of diversifying our funding and developing an organization that is more sustainable. We are learning the importance of creating a culture of philanthropy throughout our organization, from the board to our staff. We are learning that sharing our stories, successes, and challenges is important so that the communities that we serve are aware of the work that we do. We are also learning that building relationships is at the heart of developing a successful fund development strategy, but more importantly, a thriving community-based non-profit organization.

Seth was the Chief of Staff for Alameda County Board of Supervisor Nate Miley. He was also integral in finding the funding for the REACH Ashland Youth Center in San Leandro, CA. Last, he has helped Soulciety in getting the county contracts for our youth employment program since 2011. Needless to say, we are very fortunate to be working with him on building our fund development strategy. Excited to see where this takes us.

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