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Board Match San Francisco April 6, 2017 | Board Match

Board Match San Francisco
April 6, 2017 | Board Match

Soulciety is Recruiting for New Board Members!

by Ron Cariño

Soulciety is looking for passionate, community-minded individuals to join our board. This is a big role as it means governing Soulciety, working with the directors to drive the vision, and contributing to fundraising efforts.

We will be at tomorrow’s BoardMatch event in San Francisco from 5-7:30pm. It is free and open to those interested in participating in a non-profit board in the SF and Alameda counties. If you are interested in applying, you can visit us at this event or email

Individual Board Member Duties and

– Contribute to Soulciety’s culture of philanthropy by actively participating in fundraising efforts
– Represent and promote the organization to the public, businesses and the community
– Bring valuable community resources to the organization
– Contribute specialized skills, knowledge, and experience to improve organizational effectiveness and growth
– Take interest in and learn about the organization’s programs and services
– Demonstrate commitment and provide support to the organization’s staff through engagement and attendance at special events and activities
– Assist in recruiting new board members
– Assume leadership roles in board activities, as appropriate
– Follow conflict of interest and other organizational policies
– Be well-informed and prepared for meetings
– Be open to diverse perspectives
– Monthly scheduled board meetings

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