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Empower is a theatrical arts project which creatively fuses different performing art disciplines into unique and exciting collabrative theatre. Initiated in 2009, the first show Empower: Prelude to a Dream was performed at Kofman Auditorium in Alameda. The show featured a collaboration between a classical violinist with a turntablist, as well as a spoken word artist with a celloist. In 2010, Empower: The Fantasy performed at the Reed L. Huffington Visual Perfoming Arts Theatre in Hayward. The show featured a breakdancing crew called the HeadHunters in a live battle with flatland BMX freestylers (trick bicyclists). The Fantasy also featured Ill-abilities, one of the only breakdancing crews comprised of differently-abled dancers from around the world.

With the success of the first two productions, Empower then began to shift from a vignette showcase format to a more cohesive, stor- driven show. Inspired by the story of youth finding their inner creativity and identity through art, in 2011, Empower: Under the Big Top told the story of a young man on a quest to find himself while coming to grips with tragedy and struggling to create a beautiful future. In 2012, the concept was further evolved by developing playwriting skills and maturing Soulciety’s stagecraft program. Empower: Master of the Three Rings was the most successful theatrical production yet, featuring some of the most talented dancers, poets, singers and artist in the community. It was performed to thousands of people again at the Reed L. Huffington Visual Performing Arts Center in Hayward and in the historic Herbst Theater in San Francisco.

Empower’s amazing success and accomplishment is due directly to the incredible collaborative efforts of the rich artistic community of the Bay Area and beyond. With eyes on the horizon, Soulciety is looking for innovative and groundbreaking ways to push the boundaries of theatre bringing the stage to the community. The vision being to empower youth through art and creativity.


  • To co-create a series of theatrical productions with a group of performing arts from different disciplines


  • Empower: Master of the Three Rings was performed to a sold-out crowd at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco

  • Produced an original script and score for the last show

  • Empower