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Featured Artist – Astralogik

Astrologik is an eclectic soul female duo from the San Francisco Bay Area. Astralogik’s music is inspired by neo-soul, r&b, roots, hip-hop, electronica, world, and indie. Since 2011, they have performed in community events for non-profit organizations, Filipino cultural events, festivals, and in performances throughout the Bay Area. First and foremost, they are artists who have emerged from roots of struggle, discrimination, growth, love, and awakening. In April of 2015, they launched their first EP “DREAM AWAKE.” Their goal is to spread light to the masses through positive vibrations of music and energy.

Astralogik’s artists, Charito Soriano and Rowena Conlu, have been heavily involved with Soulciety’s various events and programs. They have performed at the last two Empower theatrical productions, the “We Got Soul” summer concert series, and have traveled to the Philippines teaching music education workshops to children through the Bridge Program. Recently, they have become involved in Soulciety’s Youth Employment Program as a worksite for youth that have an interest in marketing, social media and music. Astrologik is always evolving, growing and pushing the boundaries to create a more beautiful world through healing and music.

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