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Featured Youth – Joseph Minot

Joseph is an alumnus of the REACH Rescue Bay EMT Program. After successfully completing the program, Joseph went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a paramedic firefighter for his community by pursuing admission to the Fire Academy. Joseph successfully passed the arduous admissions process and has now started his fire services training. A relentless desire to help people in need drives Joseph’s endeavors in the fields of medicine and public service.

Joseph was born and raised in the heart of the Bay Area, Hayward, where he grew a personal connection to his community because the city is where he “learned to have the compassion to love his neighbors and to help people.” He learned of Soulciety’s Youth Employment Program at a time when he was facing many academic, familial, and personal problems, including being in and out of juvenile hall, and decided to take the opportunity to participate in the organization as a way to improve himself after “allowing negativity” into his life. From interning at Hayward’s City Hall through the Youth Employment Program to participating in the REACH Rescue Bay EMT Program, Joseph kept engaging with Soulciety because everyone “actually cared about me.” Joseph credits his supportive family for keeping him motivated and the organization’s team for helping to guide him, especially as he underwent his rigorous EMT training. After his time at Soulciety, Joesph learned “tons of life and professional skills” and the tenacity to believe in himself and the confidence to go after his dreams. For incoming Soulciety participants, Joesph advises, “Remember that with whatever you do in life it’s always “You get out what you put in”. My five keys to success are 1. Determination (know what you want) 2. Commitment (make sacrifices) 3. Hard work (do whatever it takes) 4. Patience (it won’t happen overnight) 5. Endurance (never give up)”

Joseph is currently a student at Merritt College in Oakland majoring in Social & Behavioral Sciences while also studying Emergency Medical Services and Fire Science. He plans on transferring to a state university to obtain his Bachelor’s degree.

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