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The Bridge Program

Since 2009, Soulciety has provided aid and educational workshops to youth in the rural areas of the Philippines. Soulciety has recently redefined the objectives for this program:

1. Improve education and employability through computer literacy and access to technology and information
2. Enhance creative development through access to quality performing arts exposure and education

Computer Education
Soulciety collects used donated computers from companies and schools in the Bay Area. We have partnered with The Stride Center, an IT training school in Oakland, whose students refurbish these computers. LBC, the largest Filipino shipping company in the world, sponsors the shipment to get these donated computers to schools in rural Philippines. Soulciety works with these schools to develop a computer lab for the students.

Performing Arts Education
Soulciety works with performing artists both in the Bay Area and throughout the Philippines to teach quality arts education programs to youth. The goal is to expose youth to performing arts that they may not have had access to before and to help them to develop a creative outlet.

For more information, please go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form with the subject “The Bridge Overseas Program”.

Please note that donations for The Bridge Program through East Bay Gives has expired. You can, however, still donate to The Bridge Program through the Soulciety Website.


  • Donated over 16,000 hygiene supplies, 10,000 school materials, and 200 computers to schools in rural areas.

  • 30 youth and young adults mentors from the Bay Area have taught various performing arts and hygiene workshops throughout the Philippines.


  • Soulciety has recently partnered with California Technological Care who will be helping to develop the computer refurbishing component of the program.

  • Soulciety has just shipped another 16 laptops to schools in Bohol.

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